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By selecting Continue and Customize

By selecting Continue and Customize , you will have several options for customization. You can select the quantities to buy for each color available, as well as the size for each t-shirt you wish to customize and purchase. The Primissima site allows you to place orders with a minimum quantity of a multiple of 10. When you have entered the quantity of t-shirts you wish to purchase, press the continue and customize button again .

On the next screen, you can customize the t-shirt print. First, you will need to choose where the text or logo will be printed on the shirt: front, back, right sleeve or left sleeve. You can choose to further customize the print size, the number of colors and upload the image or logo to be printed on all the customizable fields, thus displaying the print preview in real time.

Take all the time you need to customize your t-shirt; when you are done, confirm each individual customization by pressing the Save Customization button and then press the Go to Cart button . Based on what has been created, a quote will then be generated.

Burger Print is a website dedicated to the printing of customized t-shirts that comes with minimal graphics and a simple and immediate user interface. Customizing an item of clothing is extremely simple and, at a glance, you can specifically choose which item to customize. There are many products for men, women and children and it is also possible to customize accessories, such as backpacks, shopper bags, aprons and hats.

To start printing a personalized t-shirt with Burger Print , first choose the item of clothing you want to customize by clicking on it in the corresponding box on the website.